New ministers are joining the circuit.

Please read their introductions to get to know them.

Welcome to Revd Tom Osborne and Revd Chris Preece


The Osbornes – an introduction

The Osbornes are Tom, Lorna and Neve:

Tom is a nomad for whom the Manningtree manse is his 16th address in a little short of 40 years of life. That life began in Nigeria, and has since included Durham, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Liverpool, Mississippi, London, Cambridge, and Cornwall, as well as Somerset – the place he calls home, and in which his mum, dad and sister all still live. After graduating with a degree in American Studies he spent 8 years working in university and college administrative management, before spending 15 months working as a Pastoral Worker in the Purley Circuit (London) while candidating for ministerial training. He was sent to train at Wesley House, Cambridge, and then stationed to Saltash, Cornwall, for his probationary appointment. His ordination was at the Birmingham Conference of 2014. His time in training and probation enabled him to complete a further degree in Theology and postgraduate studies in Christian Liturgy & Worship.

Not quite as nomadic as Tom, Lorna spent her life prior to their move together to Cambridge living in and around the borders of London and Surrey, apart from 4 years studying for her teaching degree at Oxford University (including a term in Deventer, Netherlands). They met on the island of Iona, Scotland, to which they return fairly regularly – Tom is a Member of the Iona Community, while Lorna is an Associate Member and Neve regularly attends Community youth weeks. Tom & Lorna are both avid sports fans, enjoying watching rugby (which they both played at university), cricket, motorsport (Lorna has driven a single-seat racing car, Tom a host of supercars), and a variety of other sports. Twice a year the house is divided by split loyalties – during rugby’s Calcutta Cup and the Boat Race.

Neve was 9 when the family moved from London to Cambridge, and is now 16, having just completed her GCSEs. She has danced (ballet, jazz, contemporary, Irish, street, tap & modern) since she was 4, as well as also enjoying swimming, trampolining, and learning cello and double bass over the years. Currently, like many teenagers, her main hobbies are hanging out with her mates and watching TV! She hopes to be a midwife, and will be studying health & social care at Colchester Institute.

All three are looking forward to life in Essex – Tom hopes to frequent himself with the cinema a bit more and looks forward to having space for a drum kit, Lorna is looking forward to having close friends nearby in Colchester and Brentwood, and to being closer to her family, and Neve is looking forward to easier access to her friends in Cambridge and Scotland. Tom’s great great grandfather spent his entire life living in Mistley, and his great great uncle is named on the village’s War Memorial.




                                    Chris Preece - an introduction









I thought that I would take this opportunity to introduce myself before moving to Essex in just a few weeks’ time.  One of the most natural questions to ask someone who is new to an area is where do you come from?  I have to say that I do find this quite a hard question as I lived in several places in the Midlands, moving with Dad’s job.  When I was 9 we settled in Lincolnshire where I stayed until I went to university in Cardiff to study music.  My mum, dad and brother still live in Lincolnshire so there is still a natural gravitation towards that as ‘home.’  However, I have friends and family in many and various places across the country.


Before offering for ordained ministry, I was a music teacher having completed teacher training in Cambridge after my degree.  I have worked in four schools during my career taking on various roles including school leadership.  I enjoyed teaching and working with both staff and students alike.  The last school I worked in was in Bury, Greater Manchester as opposed to Bury St. Edmunds!


For the past two years I have been training at ‘The Queen’s Foundation’ in Birmingham as a weekly commuter.  This means that I have had the continual ‘joys’ of motorway journeys with copious roadworks as I have travelled to Birmingham on a Sunday and back home again on Thursday to Ramsbottom.  (The name Ramsbottom actually means a valley of wild garlic- honest!)  Being at Queen’s and completing the training has been a wonderful experience.  I really am delighted that I’ve been stationed to Tendring and am very much looking forward to getting to know everyone.  I am also looking ahead to the next few years with great anticipation and excitement as we work together seeking God for the future.


Essex will be a new location for me and part of the adventure is to explore the local area.  I enjoy playing the piano, crafts, reading and cooking and am hoping to find time to continue developing these as well.  I’ve always liked the occasions where I’ve been near the sea, which I find to be truly awe-inspiring, and walks by the sea can now be a much more regular occurrence!