Bradfield Methodist Church

We are a warm and friendly church and come from a

 wide range of Christian backgrounds.  We are keen

to be more involved in village and community activities.




Visitors are always warmly welcomed



Bradfield Methodist Church
Heath Road, Bradfield, CO11 2XD

Minister: Revd Chris Preece

Tel: 01255 851179


Church Contact

Mr Derek Monnery

Telephone: 01255 870469



We have an excellent hall for meetings and parties (with Local Authority approved catering facilities) which is available to rent.

Please contact Mrs Brenda Taylor for booking details. 

Telephone: 01255 870517


We meet on Sundays at 10.15am

(except where shown)

March 4th We join our Methodist friends at Mistley Methodist

Church for Worship with Communion led by Bonnie Beard at 10.45am.

March 11th Mothering Sunday worship led by Rev Chris Preece at

which our Methodist friends from Wix join us.

March 18th Worship led by Maddie Whittle

March 25th We join our Methodist friends at Wix Methodist

Church for Worship led by Rev Chris Preece at10.45am.

April 1st Easter Sunday worship led by Rev Derek Lang



Church activities

  • House Group meetings and Prayer Meetings are suspended for the time being.
  • On the first Saturday of every month we have a Men’s Breakfast; the next one is on 3rd March at 8.30am sharp in the Church Hall at which the speaker will be Gordon Prior, the topic “My Primary School Teaching experiences (Arms folded, eyes to front, mouth closed)”. Speak to Derek Monnery or Derek Lang for more information.
  •  We have a Ladies Breakfast four times a year on Saturdays. The next one will be in the late spring. Speak to Maureen for more information.

What's on at Bradfield...

Diary dates



  • Peninsular Youth Ministries is holding a Quiz & Chips evening on Friday 16th March at Manningtree Methodist Church. Start time id 6.30 for 7pm. Teams of six (or join one on the night, cost £7.50. Please ring Ruth Cross on 07918 050830 to book your place. Choice of food is available.
  • Our next Church Council meeting will be on Monday 30th July at 7.30pm in the Church Hall. Please put this date in your diaries.

Personal news

  • Judith Mealing remains in sheltered accommodation in Colchester. Please pray for her.
  • Andrew King lost his father on 19th February
  • Pray for David & Gill Bavister who are having a challenging time.

Other news

  • Our last Church Council meeting was a time of contemplation and ensuring that work needing to be done was got under way.
  • Our Church has a page on Facebook (social media), just search for Bradfield Methodist Church. This site has become well used.
  • Our Circuit website: -
  • North Tendring Christian Initiatives is the body that oversees PYM (Peninsular Youth Ministries), and the Hub in Manningtree. Both organisations work in the Community to provide a Christian presence there. NTCI seeks sponsors; speak to Sue Reeve on 01255 870043 if you can help.
  • The Trinity Clacton project aims to transform the church buildings so that the church can work with disadvantaged people, witness to God’s presence in the world and engage with them in ways that transform individual lives and the wider community. In relation to the project Trinity has received the good news that the Big Lottery Fund will provide funding of £305,000 – subject to a couple of requirements that were neither unexpected nor unmanageable. This means that the full funding target has been achieved and plans can be put in place to begin the building work this year.
  • Copies of the new preaching plan are available by email or by hard copy. Contact Derek Monnery to get a copy.

Dear friends,

Have you ever run a marathon? I can certainly say that it’s not something that I’ve ever done although I have occasionally watched parts of the London marathon on TV – it’s as close as I’m ever likely to get! To me, those who run a marathon do so showing a fantastic level of perseverance. They have a goal and have become totally fixed on achieving it.

As we journey through Lent it is a time where we are encouraged to fix our eyes on Jesus. The idea behind giving something up or taking something up for Lent is that this gives a reminder of how we should continue to focus on God for everything. What we give up or take on should act as a gentle prompt for us to think of Jesus in everything we do. Sometimes we need to persevere in order to achieve this.

Jesus is our Lord and Saviour whose love was so great that he died for each and every person. Travelling through Lent is a time where we come to focus on Jesus death but then on the resurrection which is a time of transformation, hope and new possibilities.

Maybe at this time you are feeling that great perseverance is needed or maybe you are looking forward with hope to new possibilities that lie ahead. In fixing our eyes on Jesus we are assured of his presence, his love, and that he walks alongside us in all things, at all times. We can find huge encouragement in this.

At the centre of the journey through Lent is Jesus. At the centre of Good Friday and the resurrection on Easter Sunday is Jesus. As we travel through Lent towards Easter this year I encourage us all to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus who was, is and always will be at the centre.

God bless


Dear friends

I wish to tell you about three important men who have died in the last few days who have had a great influence on my life. Firstly the Evangelist Billy Graham who played a big part in my conversion to Christ at the age of 14 in June 1984 when I went to Carrow Road in Norwich to hear him preach during the Mission England campaign. I believe God had spoken to me before the event as I had started going regularly to church, but that night (even if I cannot remember the actual words Billy Graham preached!) resulting in me making that life-long commitment to the Christian faith.

Within a couple of years, this young teenager began to explore Local (lay) Preaching in the Methodist Church. One of my mentors during my training was a man called Donny Peers from Caister-on-Sea. Don was about 20 years older than me, and he was an experienced preacher. He also led the Sunday School at Caister chapel and the Boys Brigade. My early sermons to say the least were a bit ropy to put it kindly, and I’m grateful for the wonderful folk who sat through them in those days. Family services and the Children’s address were the worst part of my worship, and Donny was asked to help. Today I love family worship and taking School assemblies, and a part from God’s Holy Spirit it was the support and training of other people especially Donny that has equipped me for this ministry. You may have heard on the local TV news that on Monday 12th February that Don was killed in an accident working at the family run caravan park in Caister.

Finally the third man who had the greatest impact of all was my father, who suddenly died on Saturday 17th February. Dad was my role model and inspiration for so many things in life. I still remember as a young child the bedtime stories including reading Bible stories he told to me. He encouraged me in everything I did, including preaching and Candidating for the Methodist ministry. His loss can never be replaced.

I thank God for all these men; but I finish with Billy Graham who said about his own mortality “Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”

I believe strongly in the hope that Jesus offers to us all, that one day we will have a new address in our heavenly Father’s home, where we will be reunited again

May God bless you

Rev Andrew King

February 2018