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As we meet the Risen Christ this season, let us always  remember Jesus' love for us is so strong that not even death could stop it. In his resurrection the impossibilty became a reality, and reality is that through Him we live to the full and we live forever. 

Many churches across the Circuit welcome the community to their monthly midweek Messy church. Children and parents share in food, in crafts and activities and in worship together. You are welcomed to join your local Messy church. Contact us for more information.


There is a Godly Play room at Wix Community church, and many children come fortnightly to explore for themselves God, the Bible and much more. 

Helping people find their way back to God

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We live in a world where the term ‘fake-news’ is being branded around. And it seems, ‘fake-news’ is anything that we do not like, whether it is true or not. 

We live in a postmodern world of relative truths, your truth is not my truth, you believe your truth and I shall believe mine.

But why am I going on about truths, real news and fake news? 

As a Christian people we are still celebrating the Easter season. As a Christian people we recall that first Easter season, the time straight after the physical resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. 

We recall those first disciples. None of them saw the real moment of Jesus’ resurrection.  Mary came and she met the angels and then the risen Christ. And as she saw the risen Christ, she saw the truth in front of her. With a heart full of joy, she ran to tell the others what she had seen. And their reaction? ‘This woman must have lost her mind!’


And as they were gathered in that upper roomJesus appeared to them and they knew the truth of the risen Christ. And they shared that truth with the one not there, Thomas- but to Thomas this was unbelievable, he needed to see to believe. 


The risen Jesus appeared to Thomas and he showed him his hands and feet, and Thomas believed. The truth of the risen Christ became his truth.


Some of his followers were walking to Emmaus and even though they had heard the news of the resurrection, they didn't believe. They needed to see the risen Christ for themselves  and when they saw Him in the breaking of the bread, the truth of the resurrection became their truth.


Jesus’ presence on earth after Easter Sunday established the truth of his resurrection and fought any fake news that were around. In fact, on that truth his followers spread the good news that has reached us today, through persecution and to death. Through them, many knew the truth, but others chose to believe in fake news- news that suited them better. The soldiers that guarded the tomb knew nobody stole the body, but they played along with fake news. The religious leaders- they chose to make fake news their only truth and they missed out. 


And what about us today? What do we embrace? Is the truth of the risen Christ ours? And if it is, do we live in the power and the strength of that truth? Do we celebrate the fact that the risen Christ is with us now, as He was with them then, loving us now as He loved them then?


May the truth of this season fill our lives and our heart and our minds every single moment.









Love and the Cross meet to change History

Tendring is situated in North East Essex and is made up of villages, small rural towns and seaside towns.  

There are eighteen churches in the Tendring Circuit of the Methodist Church of which three are in a Local Ecumenical Partnership with the URC and one church is in covenant with the local Anglican Church.  

The Tendring Circuit is part of the Beds, Essex and Herts Methodist District. 

Jesus is Risen! 


Godly Play


Frinton on Sea have a Coffee morning with Traidcraft 3rd Dec see circuit news above for more details.


A Concert of Christmas Music St Pauls Church Clacton on Sea. Circuit news above has more details.


Mistley & Bradfield notice sheets can now be found under the respective church in Churches